Proroute H750 3G / 4G Router with Dual SIM

This site is dedicated to the Proroute H750 Dual SIM Router to provide convenient information about configuration and use of this 3G/4G router.

We will start with the quick start video below which shows the basic of configuring the most common settings for the H750 router.

The video above shows you how to:-

  1. Configure APN settings and check connection is Status Overview
  2. Enable / Disable / Configure remote access
  3. Configure Cell ICMP Check (Ping Reboot)
  4. Change LAN settings
  5. Change WiFi security
  6. Configure Port Forwarding
  7. Shows information about Dual SIM failover options

Remote access and port forwarding will require fixed IP sim card so you can remotely access your router.  If you are using normal Data SIM then it is highly likely that your carrier will be using CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) so your router will not be allocated a public IP address when it connects which means that you will be unable to remotely connect to the router or use port forwarding.  We recommend using a Fixed IP SIM card for any remote monitoring / management application.